sometimes Rafael Silva.

Amalero, sometimes Rafael Silva.

Generalist Designer based in Aracaju, Sergipe currently working at Vision Development as Head of Design.

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Planning and building creative innovation that Vision Dev needs to keep high.

But since joining as designer in 2009 I had the opportunity to work on incredible projects small and big. From designing web sites for Sergipe Governament at Swapi in 2009. Learning about Marketing and Publicity whiling designin as UX/UI Designer in the Teaser Propaganda in 2011.

A special part in my life was when I co-founding the Beco de Criações with Will Nunes and Gabi Santana as generalist designer and in paral I build the new PESSOAS.VC (aka Vou, Não Vou!) app for Hiper Social in 2013.

Those projects and the vision took me to for Lumen Games where I build the Hempire Game and The Goldbergs – Back to the 80’s.

Vision Development

Head Designer

Acting as design owner at Vision Development.


Lumen Games

Generalist Designer

Thinking, prototyping and creating interaction in super amazing games.


Beco de Criações

Business Associate /
Generalist Designer

Working much more as web designer, but helping in everything.



UX/UI Designer

I was responsible for the full redesign from Vou, Não Vou! in Pessoas.VC later sold to Twoo.


Teaser Propaganda

UX/UI Designer and Frontend

I learned a little about the universe of marketing and advertising.



UX/UI Designer and Frontend

This is where it all started. I was enthusiastic about new web practices like building clean code. I also made friends for life!


Casa das Apostas

The biggest community of Sports Betting in Brazil.

Casa das Apostas
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The Goldbergs - Back to the 80's

The Goldbergs:
Back to the 80’s.

The Goldbergs - Back to the 80's

Hempire – Plant Growing Game.

Stake Your Stash - Lumen Games


Freeebies Free! 📦

I have a lot of things kept here that have never been used and also, I have the desire to do some things in my free time. Therefore, this is the started of a design store, components, prototypes, mockups and the things like.
Now everything is 100% free and attribution is not required, it’s fully free for commercial purposes.