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The app with the highest audience among sports bettors in the App Stores and keep Top 10 in the Sports Category. Casa das Apostas users can follow the results of their bet tickets in real time and also make simulations of bet tickets from the biggest betting sites in Brazil.

Casa das Apostas provide statistics based on user performance and daily tips to keep the community warm.

One year of redesign and a lot of rework.

We spent about one year studying the behavior of community and also made a lot of theories about everything.

How to satisfy a community that believes that when a bet is failed, it’s your app’s fault?

Yes, we had to deal with things like that.

Keeping the design clean, to be impartial was one of the best things we built into redesign.
Keeping the design clean, to be impartial was one of the best things we built into redesign. Making the flow between screens faster and show the performance metrics of their bets served to convince the person that the fault is more his fault than ours.

We started offering betting tips to help people improve their performance and went further… we introduced this into our social networks to show that we care about people’s losing bets, trying to establish a safe connection with them.

Many New Features
are Close!

Now I’m working on a new super and exciting motivation for users.

As the community advances, implement a plan of daily activities with great rewards and create the Casa Points (a currency within the app) so that our users can take Tips, Themes, Metrics and Statistics from head-to-head matches.

Typography and Icons.

We are using the Barlow and Family. It was a split choice on the font width. The old design used Roboto by default Google Material Design but we needed that the names of teams and betting markets to most of the time fit in one line without impairing your readability.

The Barlow is a font with multiple weights, which also can in other brand applications.

The icons were all designed using Figma, exported in svg and included in the project as a font being affectionately called Amalero Awesome and maybe soon available for download.

Barlow C Typography - Casa das Apostas

Connect Design and
Digital Marketing.

I am always connected to the process of discovering and satisfying the market needs of Casa das Apostas, in order to generate more value and create valuable relationships. In this way, my work is based on the strategic analysis of the environment and, of course, on problem solving.

So we created templates for our social networks to keep social media followers always connected with the app design.

Casa das Apostas (social media)
Casa das Apostas - Logo


Live the experience or just come and see the result of this work.
Flutter - Logo


The front-end was made with Flutter and integrated with other technologies.

Figma - Logo


All screens, icons and prototyping were created using Figma.

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