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About me.

Thinking and Designing creative innovation in Vision Development.

When I started studying design I had the idea of creating a blog. That was in 2007. Everything that I studing, I sharing with other people, then following tips of people who too writing blogs at that time… I started doing photoshop tutorials and also html and css codes.

Just then, in 2009 I had my first opportunity in a digital studio. Swapi, where I created exciting projects for entertainment companies and also for the Sergipe State Government. Still at Swapi I had the pleasure of meeting people who are part of my life until today. The Swapi was getting small for my goals as a designer, so I received an invitation to work at Teaser, an important digital marketing and advertising agency in Sergipe and only in 2012, I started to wake up to other areas of business apply in design.


Head of Design

Thinking and designing business.


Lumen Games

Generalist Designer

2015 – 2019

Beco de Criações

Business Associate /
Generalist Designer

2013 – 2015


UX/UI Designer

2013 – 2015


UX/UI Designer and Frontend

2011 – 2013


UX/UI Designer and Frontend

2009 – 2011


I’ve been doing some experiments and some layouts for fun, so I decided to make these features available for download.

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